Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You're most certainly entitled to your whorizontal belief; however, if I cannot audit the greeedy Fed in this Great Depression, I certainly can reflect on where our angst leads us: prez doing abortion full-throttle, cute, lil' knee-grows hurredly fornicating like it's going outta style in the War/saw ghetto, in-your-face gay rights, and the world controlled by the 33 doesn't sit too well withe Trinity when our indelible soul comes out-of-our-bodies to stand before the Judgment Seat. Atheism is fine for a time, I delved into that filthy more!ose more!ass for a few days in '88, but what happens at death's hour?

Let's get past alla the hypocritical BS of religion we arrogant mortals believe and focus on how infinitely teeny-tiny our wee existence is: 77ish measly years vs. the length of eternity?? You can certainly see the Great difference, can't you? If not, I suggest you crawl back-up into the womb and lissen to the Holy Spirit. Can't fit? How sad we aren't small enough.

Most of U.S. don't wanna think about our demise; most of us think that's terrifying and rightly so. To a few of us, however, that's an exorbitant relief - we'll be free to roam the universe at will. Q: Why is it most handicapped people know where they're going while most 'normal' people don't? A: Society on earth rewards the strong, builds'm up, rewards strength and power and superficiality, never caring about their eternal souls which are MOST important. But, alas, our strength, physique, and sexual proclivity is gone in time. We're all mortal. We're back at square one, aren't we? Nope. Follow our logic. From yeeers of hardcore, hardboiled, sardonic satire and avant-garde humility, I finally found the way Home: love the Lord thy God and love your neighbor. On those TWO commandments hang the Law in this lifelong demise. Strive for that, people. And I'll see you Upstairs, girls, where I'll hold you in my strong arms and love you to death-do-us-part.


While I certainly do respect your humanistic heresy, nuthin I can do to stop you from swiftly slip-sliding Downtown. How far does that get you? How far does that go? Cannot thou thinkest of a higher realm or must the WARNING come and still few shall repent 'cuz they're much tooo involved to worry about their eternal salvation? When the highest peak (K2) is faaar below our goal? When Christ is in OUR hearts, trapped inside humanity's free-will? Only until thou shalt perish, girl, will your terrific lust for the world last you. And how long is that, Miss GorgeousBabe? 88ish years?? I have the solution: if you've followed me down this far, perhaps you'll ponder the POW!erfull, Saving Grace and 'wiseabove'. I myself have pondered this for maaany years in my quest to get them quite brilliant, yet, quite silly, atheistic babes to muse on the Infinite, Eternal Co-Habitation. In the Exclusive Landscape Upstairs, higher than the El in NYC and muuuuuch more wonderfull, far outside the stanky litter box of earth, rests a Beyond-Wonderfully-Delicious-Panorama of guys or girls await you --- So, here's my peAce-de-resistance: doesn't matter whether you believe, or have little faith, or not, you're still gonna croak in our lifelong demise, you're still gonna make the daisies very happy; then, while our mortal bodies are recycled in the grave to make fertilizer, our killer indelible soul rises-up to be judged at the General Judgment. Here's the point EYE want YOU to consider before leaving this world: love make'n in Utopia. If nuthin else, that alone should convince you to be baptized-and-believe. Why not? Can't the God who's the Master of the Universe and many beyond this provide everything? Thot so. The Trinity's just as happy you made it to where the Son is ever present rather than the realm where there's Shadows at Midnight. --- You think Upstairs, you think we have to be staunch, hardcore blocks with no feelings lissening to God everyday for the rest of eternity without some love'n and caress'n? You think Upstairs for eternity, you think we have to sit-down, shut-up, fold-our-hands-in-prayer, and be good, religious zealots with 'girls on one side, boys on the other' forever with God being the gleefull backstabber??? Gotta wanna search highNlow, farNwide for the truth. And this is the truth: God loves U.S. God wants U.S. to be extremely happy in Heaven - God must, I'd assume, as we'll be thar forever; God Himself will hand you a 'carte blanche' like an All-Stage-Pass to Aerosmith. Now, of course, that doesn't mean you can do whatever-you'd-like-on-earth. You know the rules, humanity, for thy heart tells you so. How do I know? I know. I'm weird. I left this world in October '85 and returned to tell you of the coming battle that would claim maaany souls - but not without Daniel preaching the Good News, thus, soon you'll realize this lifelong demise is merely the tip-of-the-iceberg of the two eternities.

PS Perhaps no ones ever told you they loved you, girl. I do, if that matters, and I'd looooove to nekk with you in Heaven. BTW... in case you've never ever heard, here's the lowdown on salvation: God is love, yet, God has rules (God gives you your whooooooole existence to follow those rules); God also is immortal, indelible, infinite, yet, we're also sinfull mortals with a limited intelligence and a finite existence - meaning, we, must, croak someday. If we choose to walk AWAY from God through serious sin (or venial [less]), God'll gently nudge U.S. back in the direction of eternal life through worthy repentance which I do every month (keeps me humble - meaning I know I must meet God someday and give an account of myself). However, if we croak in a state of grievous sin? Abortion? Fornication? Adultery? Greed? Pride? Murder? and we mortals think absolutely nuthin' of mortal sin? The Abyss o'Misery is our destination precisely because we thot nuthin' of offending God; God only pronounces your own sentence which YOU have bestowed upon thy mortal body at the Final Judgment.

Here's the killer part of the story: I would physically DIE for you in an instant. Betchu didn't know that vivid truism. Say we're in a bank or at some FEMA gulag, a person walks up with an Uzi, saying, 'One must die to satisfy'. Gosh, I'd raise my hand faster than a flea jumps into nowhere, girl. I love you... and... and I wanna nekk witchoo beyond the clouds. Yes, I know, the world looks with revulsion on the term to 'love', yet, I'm not OF this world, girly. I have an eklektik mantra, doll; I gotta rigorous, lion's share of the astronomical epiphany, babe: there's a Super-Duper-Inn-Yoo-Endo in the Great Beyond faaar beyond any NYC, 5-star-hotel. You're most welcome to stay the daylight.

Again, I'm of the eternal: I have nuthin' here, I want nuthin' here. I'm not of this world, girly, my Home is not this world. Everything WE do, everything WE say needs to be focused on achieving OUR Final Goal: the Utopian Paradise where I'll serve you, Miss Wonderfull, Beautifull, Adorable, outta love. And whatdoI care if they take me away, as long as I have my sights set on Heaven? Even if they drug me, or waterboard me, or pull-out my fingernails, or hang me, or tie my 4 extremeties to 4 horses and fire a shotgun (don't look), I'd STILL go to Heaven because I want no bloody parta the other place. Besides, it's over in a few, short days while they must relive the excruciating pain for eternity -IF- they don't repent (Jesus forgives anything to a point). 'Nuff sed.

CIVIL DISOBEDIANCE = peaceFULL perestroika:

fight the established order of decay:

only Heaven holds the true POW!er